Portland, Maine by Julian Chokkattu

I'm still here! I haven't posted since last April, but that's largely because I haven't gone on many long vacations -- that doesn't mean I haven't traveled.

I went to Portland, Maine last summer, and took a lot of photos with a variety of phones for work. Most of them never got published, so I decided I may as well post them now. I did the same late last year with a short trip to San Francisco, so I'll post those photos soon as well.

While I have traveled to other countries since then, the trips have been for work and I've used my phone to take photos more than my DSLR. I put off uploading them to this site, but I realized there's no point in only uploading photos from my DSLR, as smartphones can take excellent photos. I'll be uploading more from these smaller trips soon. I'll be heading to Japan later this year, and I plan to use my DSLR extensively during my trip. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Maine -- some are taken with a DSLR. 

Lyon, Chamonix, and Grasse by Julian Chokkattu

The second half of our trip began with an early morning train to Lyon, where we spent two days. We then rented a car to drive down to Chamonix, where we saw some gorgeous mountain ranges. Unfortunately we got there a little later than we thought and couldn't take a cable car up, or parachute down. 

It's a gorgeous town, and it's a must see just for the stars at night!

We then drove down to Grasse, where we saw plenty of perfume shops and factories, and on our final night in France we had a nice dinner in Cannes. 

Post-MWC: Day Two in Barcelona by Julian Chokkattu

Day two began with us trekking to the Chocolate Museum, and we passed Barcelona's Arc de Triompf along the way. We then headed to the famous Sagrada Familia, which left my jaw open as to how beautiful and intricate it is. 

After the Sagrada, we headed to Parc Guell, where architect Antoni Gaudi lived. He made the park one of his personal projects. It's really goofy and fun, and the walk around the area was really calm and relaxing.

We ended the day by heading to the Palau Nacional, where we waited to watch the Magic Fountain of Montjuic erupt in glorious display, but sadly we arrived too late, after the show ended. Nevertheless, we went up to the palace and got to eat at the Oleum, where we had a tremendous view of Barcelona and delicious food. It was especially nice considering we were one of three groups for dinner, so it wasn't busy at all.