Post-MWC: Day Two in Barcelona by Julian Chokkattu

Day two began with us trekking to the Chocolate Museum, and we passed Barcelona's Arc de Triompf along the way. We then headed to the famous Sagrada Familia, which left my jaw open as to how beautiful and intricate it is. 

After the Sagrada, we headed to Parc Guell, where architect Antoni Gaudi lived. He made the park one of his personal projects. It's really goofy and fun, and the walk around the area was really calm and relaxing.

We ended the day by heading to the Palau Nacional, where we waited to watch the Magic Fountain of Montjuic erupt in glorious display, but sadly we arrived too late, after the show ended. Nevertheless, we went up to the palace and got to eat at the Oleum, where we had a tremendous view of Barcelona and delicious food. It was especially nice considering we were one of three groups for dinner, so it wasn't busy at all. 

Post-MWC: Day One in Barcelona by Julian Chokkattu

After I picked Ms. Chan up from the airport, we headed straight to the Museo de Picasso, luggage and all. We couldn't take pictures inside the gallery, but the first picture is what a courtyard in the museum looked like. We then traversed around the gothic quarter, and went up the Barcelona Cathedral, which is so beautiful -- and amazing that it was completed in 1448! 

We then made our way to Caso Battlo, one of Gaudi's famous buildings, and then walked down Las Ramblas, and made a short detour into La Boqueria. 

Mobile World Congress by Julian Chokkattu

Thanks to my wonderful company, I was able to take a trip to Barcelona for the annual Mobile World Congress, where major tech companies unveil their latest products and technologies. It's where Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 Edge, and where LG announced the modular G5. 

Here are a few photos from the convention. I'll have a follow up post of photos from my three-day work-free weekend in Barcelona with the wonderful Yaling Chan.