The Museum of Feelings by Julian Chokkattu

The Museum of Feelings, located near Brookfield Place, is a temporary sensory exhibit that's sponsored by Glade. The building's exterior changes color to reflect the the mood of the city, by gathering data through social media.

Inside you'll find different rooms representing a myriad of emotions, such as joyful, exhilarated and calm. Each room also emanates a scent that represents the emotion. While the wait can be long, it's well worth taking a trip to lower Manhattan to experience this small museum. The exhibit will end on December 15. 

Photoville in Brooklyn by Julian Chokkattu

If you're in the area, stop by the Brooklyn Bridge Park and check out Photoville! It houses a variety of galleries housed in re-purposed shipping containers by the pier. Shout out to Ms. Chan, who's working there for Getty Images, for inviting me! I also took the opportunity to try some long-exposure shots of the downtown NYC skyline.